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Type of Clarinet Place/Time of Origin Description
B Flat Clarinet Thought to have been invented in 1700 in Germany when Johann Christoph Denner adding a register key to a chalumeau. Most popular clarinet used today across the world, and is the true standard.
E Flat Clarinet Invented in 1820, in somewhere in Europe. Can play higher notes than the B Flat Clarinet, making it useful in clarinet choirs or orchestras.
A Clarinet 1800 Still moderately common in orchestras in modern groups. Extremely similar sound to the B Flat Clarinet, but has a slightly mellower tone.
Alto Clarinet Invented in 1809 in Germany. Simllar to a bass clarinet, but not common anymore.
Bass Clarinet 1770 in Germany Still common nowadays, and is quite literally a B flat clarinet that plays 1 octave lower.
E Flat Contrabass Clarinet Invented in 1808 in France. Used in some clarinet choirs, extremely low sound.
Contrabass Clarinet Also invented in 1808, France. 2 full octaves lower than the B Flat Clarinet, and extremely huge in size. Now only used in clarinet choirs.